Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Service of Process - You Can't Get Civil Justice Unless the Papers are Served

Below are a couple of videos that I use in class to describe what I consider to be an often overlooked yet crucial element of the judicial system - serving process. Our concept of "due process" includes, at a minimum, notice of a pending claim and an opportunity to be heard in your own defense.  That grand concept, a cornerstone of a just society, is entrusted to the folks who are in the business of serving legal papers.  In some states and in certain instances service is conducted by government employees from a public safety agency or legal system.  But in many states and in certain instances, process servers - much like lawyers, accountants, financial planners, etc. - are business people providing a service to a customer (plaintiff) for a fee. This link will take you to a site for the Process Server Institute, described as being "dedicated to the study and teaching of the art and business of process serving."

"We are 100% committed to the service of process business."

This is how it is done (in Seattle, WA):

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