Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Peek Into the Criminal Mind

Last month news media reported that Luis Trinidad pulled up to a convenience store in Hartford in his burnt orange Cadillac and went inside, leaving his 2 year old son buckled in the back seat with the car running.  The police allege that Davon Mills drove off in the car with the boy still inside. When Mills was caught, he apparently, foolishly, failed to exercise his right to remain silent and offered an explanation to the police. However, his explanation was not the one you might have expected.  Instead of claiming that he made a mistake and did not know the boy was in the car, he claimed to have taken the car because he was upset that the boy's father left him in the car alone and, thereby, admitted to the mens rea element of kidnapping.

Click on the image below to view the news report:

Here is a print story on another criminal genius who posted an apology on his facebook page to the owners of the cars that he damaged while driving drunk and fleeing the scene.

Framingham, Massachusetts police responding to a complaint that some kids were egging a house arrived to discover the miscreants were Newton, Mass. police officers egging the home of their sergeant.

Can you spot the common thread running through these diverse events?

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