Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yankees Are Baseball's Only True Evil Empire...

...or so ruled a panel of three judges at the  Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

“The weight of evidence submitted by [the Yankees] clearly demonstrates that the mark BASEBALLS EVIL EMPIRE would be understood by consumers to refer to the New York Yankees.” 
 - decision page 21

And with that, a Long Island woman will have to cease and desist selling tee shirts out of her garage featuring the Yankee logo and the trademarked phrase "Baseball's Evil Empire." The phrase was originally coined by Boston Red Sox owner Larry Lucchino to denigrate the Bronx Bombers.  But in true New York fashion, (I got your 'Evil Empire' right here!") the Yankees have embraced the moniker as a badge of honor, playing The Imperial March from Star Wars at games.

As far as baseball phrases go, it's not exactly, "Let's play two!" but with the backing of the law, it looks like it's going to stick.

The Imperial March:

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