Friday, January 31, 2014

The Limited Liability Company Song

The Limited Liability Company Song from: Billy: A Post Apocalyptic comedy.

You Tube Description:
Goofy song and dance number from the play "Billy: A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy" by Derek Lee Barton. Music by Sean Barton. Choreography by Darrin French. Starring Seth Garben, Jefferson Grubbs, Phil de Guzman, Christopher Leck, Jenna Troum, and Jeremy Shpizner. Directed by Kathryn Walsh

Now if you want to make a nice big fortune
Then there are just a couple things you'll need:
A broker friend to lend a hand
And a few rental properties
Though its not legal you will just follow my lead!

A building in foreclosure you should buy,
Convert to lots of cramped apartments,
Then just rent them out!
Require large rental deposits
Put them in your bank account,
And soon you'll find your balanace has become
A significant amount!

Then you just create an LLC,
A Limited Liability Company,
basically a legal entity that owns the building instead of you.

Limited Liability Company!
You limit liability for me!
An LLC is gonna be
What takes the fall for me.
When renters want their money I'l say
Ask the LLC!

They'll try to get back deposits,
They may even sue,
But the landlord is something
That just isn't you!
LLCs are not people,
they're magic indeed!
They take the fall in courts of law
So you get off scott-free!

(chorus repeats)

The song starts around the 3:34 mark in the video below:

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