Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dam**ed Contracts, Again!

We've been experiencing a horrible winter in the Northeast, as well as elsewhere, with snowfall accumulations far exceeding normal ranges.  Last week on a day when the all the schools in Connecticut closed and the governor told state employee to stay home from work (except those whose job included cleaning up the snow) and urged all other people to stay off the roads, one important social institution braved the elements  - the mall was open.  The Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester Connecticut was open, and because tenants have clauses in their leases that they are subject to "heavy fines" if the stores are closed when the mall is open, all the stores required their employees to defy the governor's request and risk life, limb, and property damage to open their stores. Thankfully, most people resisted the normally overwhelming impulse to buy overpriced handbags or trendy clothing in a blizzard and stayed home.  The mall closed early sending the intrepid employees back out to brave the elements in order to get home.

It's a good thing that contract law imposes the "reasonable person" standard on the interpretation of contracts because left to their own devices, we apparently can't count on people to act reasonably.

Click here or on the image below to see the video news report:

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