Friday, April 4, 2014

UPS Pink Slips Likely to Result in Extra Special Deliveries

According to the Huffington Post, UPS has fired hundreds of workers who staged a solidarity protest for a fired worker. The really troubling part of this story is:

Twenty of the workers were notified of their dismissal on Monday. The remaining 230 were told they would be fired as soon as replacements are trained.

Is this a sustainable model for continuing business? If you were worried about the quality of package handling before this debacle, imagine your packages now being at the mercy of 230 lame-duck, ticked-off employees with nothing to lose by taking their frustrations out on your packages in order to get back at the company.  I thought managers were supposed to be rational actors in an effort to limit liability exposure.  UPS just lit a neon sign that says, "don't use our services until we train a bunch of new employees or your packages are likely to be stomped into slivers."

UPS package handling without the extra added incentive of being fired:

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