Monday, November 3, 2014

Guest Blogger: Haskell Murray - Van Halen on Reading Contracts!

Today's post is submitted by J. Haskell Murray at Belmont University.

Van Halen on Reading Contracts

This is a video clip I use near the beginning of our unit on contracts in my Business Law and Legal Environment class.  The clip is light, relatively short, and is an industry (music) that many Belmont University students understand.  Through a story about a buried contractual clause prohibiting brown M&M’s in the back stage area, David Lee Roth (Van Halen) highlights the important point that everyone should read contracts carefully before they sign. I sometimes couple this with directions like “skip question 4; if you answer question 4 you will lose 5 points” in the middle of my normal directions on a quiz or test, just to drive the point home.  Many of my students expect to have lawyers to rely on in business, but I hope to communicate to my students that clients need to read and understand contracts they sign.  I also share examples of lawyers making drafting mistakes and how much lawyers charge for their time.   

Click here or here for additional links to this video in case the embedded video should be removed.

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