Friday, December 3, 2010

Featured Website: American Rhetoric - Movie Speeches

The American Rhetoric - Movie Speeches site gives access to a wealth of video clips from popular movies.  There are a number of law related movies.  Three of my favorites are:

Frank Galvin's closing argument in "The Verdict": After the judge instructs the jury to disregard the testimony of the  plaintiff's keywitness, Galvin (Paul Newman) prompts the jury to nullification with the brilliantly delivered mandate, "YOU are the law."

Vincent Gambini's cross-examination of Mr. Tipton from "My Cousin Vinny": Vinny (Joe Pesce) uses his newly discovered knowledge of Southern cuisine to prove a key eyewitness could have been mistaken in his identification of Billy and Stan as the perpetrators in a murder.

President Andrew Shepherd's press conference address from "The American President": After his political opponent questions his character, Shepard (Michael Douglas) addresses the charges including the criticism of Shepard's girlfriend for a college-age protest in which an American flag was burned. I show this clip when we discuss Texas v. Johnson

Other law related movies from which clips are available at the site include:

Adam's Rib
Inherit the Wind
Judgment at Nuremberg
Legally Blonde
The Hurricane
The Shawshank Redemption
To Kill a Mockingbird
Wall Street

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