Thursday, February 17, 2011

Featured Case: Lucy v. Zehmer

This iconic case is a staple in contract law. Students can't help but remember Adrian Hardy Zehmer's testimony that he was "high as a Georgia Pine" and that the transaction "was just a bunch of two doggone drunks bluffing to see who could talk the biggest and say the most."  The opinion is avilable on the internet in a number of forms.  This one has a scanned copy of the front and back of the Ye Olde Virginnie Restaurant order pad that was used to scrawl out the contract (reproduced below at bottom). Thanks goes to Frank Snyder at Texas Wesleyan University Law School who unearthed and posted a digital photo of the contract (below).  Prof. Snyder has also posted a number of photographs relevant to the case which can be found at the AALS Contracts Section website.  Read his blog post, here. Thanks, again, Prof. Snyder for using the internet to make these resources available for all of us to use in the classroom.
Lucy v Zehmer Image

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