Monday, February 7, 2011

Law Lessong: "It's Not Certain, It Depends"

This is a "Law Lessong" - a law lesson in a song - that I wrote to help students consider the inherent nature of law. This song helps bust the popular myth that law is predictable and certain. I use it along with the discussion of stare decisis in the Legal Environment course. The melody is based on "Blowin' in the Wind" written and recorded by Bob Dylan. No copyright infringement is intended. This song is offered and intended for educational use only and has no commercial value.

The old story goes something like this:
The law professor addressed the class of law school graduates - "Three years ago, if you were asked, 'What is the law?' on a particular subject, you could only answer, 'I don't know.' Now, after three years of legal education you can answer with great confidence, 'It depends!'"

Learn more about Law Lessongs from the post found here. More videos may be found at my youtube channel. Please feel free to use them in the classroom or as assignments or in any way that they work for you as an educational resource.

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