Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Law Lessong" - The Negotiable Instruments Song

I have always been drawn to both music and the law. In searching for some innovative classroom techniques, I was encouraged by the education literature and the brain research indicating the beneficial effects of music on learning and memory. I was further encouraged by seeing Rutgers Law Professor Steven Friedell singing with his class and reading about BU Law Professor Mark Pettit singing in his class. My idea was to take a simple or recognizable melody and add lyrics that include a lesson in the law  - "Law Lessongs." There are 18 audio files of "Law Lessongs" at the Law Lessong website.  I sing the Law Lessongs in class with the lyrics displayed and encourage students to sing along.  Recognizing that not everyone may be comfortable singing songs in class, I am trying to produce a video for each song so that they can be played in class for students to hear and experience as more than a simple audio file. I have included the first of these videos below.  Over time, I hope to create more of these videos to make the Law Lessongs a more viable classroom resource.  Please feel free to use them in the classroom or as assignments or in any way that they work for you as an educational resource. The youtube version is here along with access to my youtube channel and other Law Lessong videos posted there.

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