Thursday, November 11, 2010


Below is the raw video of Management Professor Richard Quinn addressing his Strategic Management class follwing a cheating incident at the University of Central Florida.  The video of the original ABC news story that was posted earlier has apparently been blocked. A blog post describing the ABC news coverage is available here.  One student interviewed on camera stated:

“This is college, everyone cheats. Everyone cheats in life in general. I just think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this testing lab who hasn’t cheated on an exam. They’re making a witch hunt out of absolutely nothing, as if they want to teach us some sort of moral lesson.”

A similar video report is available here.  You can watch a Fox news report featuring an anonymous cheating student accusing Prof. Quinn of "dragging them through the mud." here.

Credit for bringing this case to my attention goes to Kelsey Rath, a student in my Legal Environment class (who took today's lecture on ethics with her outside the classroom).  Thanks, Kelsey.

Raw video of Professor Richard Harris:

Professor Speech About Cheating from Knight News on Vimeo.

Professor Quinn's students respond with their own video:

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