Thursday, December 8, 2011

Law Lessong - Another Day (A Good Samaritan Law Song)

The next installment in the “Law Lessong” series is Another Day. The lyrics for this song were written by Faiven Feshazion, a student in my Legal and Ethical Environment of Business class at the University of Connecticut. Students may submit law songs for credit. In order to fashion a rhyming scheme that matches a melody, a student must carefully examine and distill legal principles and the language that expresses the legal principles. This song helps students consider the absence of a Common Law duty to assist someone who is in danger and, therefore, the public policy behind Good Samaritan statutes.

Learn more about Law Lessongs from the post found here.  More videos may be found at my youtube channel. Please feel free to use them in the classroom or as assignments or in any way that they work for you as an educational resource.

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