Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SOPA/PIPA Protest: The Day The LOL Cats Died - And More

What happens when you piss off the intelligent, creative, and tech savvy?  These protests are appealing to me as they draw on two of my favorite dynamics: 1) musical parody/social commentary, and 2) critical examination of the legislative law-making process which is too often passed off in civics classes as benevolent public policy making for the common good.  Pick your favorite version!

LOL Cats:

 Posted 1/17/12:

posted 1/18/12:

posted 1/19/12:

posted 1/20/12 - the folk song version?

More SOPA protest:

WARNING! This one uses the F-word, as in "Don't f**k with the internet!"  But it is really very good and I think speaks to undergraduate students in their own idiom.

WARNING! This one also includes the F-word. For better or worse, it is part of the lexicon of protest.

. . . and too many more to include here. Go to youtube and search "SOPA song."

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