Friday, March 30, 2012

Civil Battery Follows Soccer Foul

Participants in an athletic contest on the pitch, or the "field" as we Americans say should expect to endure a certain amount of physical contact. Even physical contact rising to the level of a "foul" under the rules of the game should be anticipated by the participants.  Consequently, physical contact that might otherwise be considered a civil battery in a different context will not give rise to such a claim, here; the potential plaintiff likely having impliedly consented to any foreseeable physical contact.

In the video below and a report and video that may be viewed here at Yahoo sports, a different scenario presents.  Following a seemingly innocuous tripping foul in a South Carolina high school girls' soccer game, the victim of the foul rises up and viciously physically attacks the opposing player.  The news report indicates that criminal charges have been filed. Ostensibly, a civil battery claim will also lie. It can hardly be implied that by engaging in a soccer match one may be deemed to have consented to a beating.

See also the issues and videos presented in this post.

Video of civil battery in HS girls' soccer game:

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