Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Employment-At-Will: Fired For Wearing Orange?

Here in Connecticut during March Madness I can understand someone being fired for wearing the school colors of a fierce basketball rival from Central New York ... but in Florida? Isn't orange the color of the Gators? A law firm in Florida fired 14 support workers supposedly because management saw their orange wearing as a sign of some sort of solidarity statement. I suppose this wouldn't be the first group of lawyers suffering from paranoia.  Was this a day-before-St.-Patrick's-Day pro-Protestant/anti-Catholic statement on Irish heritage? Maybe the lawyers are all Florida State fans?  It doesn't matter either way from a legal standpoint. They are employees at will and, therefore, may be legally dismissed for cause, for no cause or even for a reason for which people shouldn't get fired (unless dismissal is prohibited by a statute or specific public policy).

See: Fired For Choice of Necktie

They wear orange on Fridays at OSU! I hope no one works for a law firm.

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