Monday, November 26, 2012

Woman Fakes Mental Illness to Get Out of Jury Duty

A Colorado woman apparently went through rather elaborate machinations to claim to be a PTSD victim in order to avoid jury duty.

"Her makeup looked like something you would wear during a theater performance," court reporter Kelli Wessels told investigators at the time, according to the Denver Post. "When the judge asked the entire panel if anyone had a mental illness, [Cole] stated she had difficulties getting ready in the morning, which was apparent to me by the way she was dressed."

She was lucky to be dismissed from duty that day, but her luck ran out when she boasted about her charade on a radio call in program - a program to which the judge was listening. She was prosecuted for perjury and received a sentence of probation after a guilty plea.  I guess she didn't want to put her fate in the hands of a jury made up of people who actually were executing the civic duty that she disrespected.

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