Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Featured Website: USLawEssentials YouTube Site

According to his USLawEssentials Blog, New York Attorney Daniel Edelson teaches United States Law at Soongsil University College of Law in Seoul, S. Korea.  I stumbled upon his YouTube site while looking for some resources on jurisdiction. Attorney Edelson has produced a number of videos based on questions that he has been asked by his international students.  I thought the videos that I had an opportunity to smaple were simple without being simplistic.  They are short (3-4 minutes) and limited to a single topic.They strike me as being at just about the right level of depth of analysis to assist undergraduates in understanding basic law concepts.  The site includes about 70 videos on a wide range of topics relevant to BLAW, all posted since about April of 2014 with more being posted daily.  Below is a sample on Long Arm Jurisdiction.

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