Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lawyers Get Paid? I Thought They Were There to Help People!

According to Yahoo Sports, a Florida State football player is being sued by his lawyer for an unpaid fee. The player hired a lawyer to represent him in  disciplinary proceedings brought by the University, agreeing to pay a $2,500 fee.  The disciplinary proceeding resulted in a penalty of probation - but no suspension from either school or the team. But the lawyer's fee remains unpaid.

We don't have this problem at UConn.  Students are not allowed to be represented by counsel in disciplinary hearings.  Can anyone say "due process violation?"

This is how our students see the world: Meet Ken.  Ken is in a pickle.  He has a DUI arrest.  But Ken can rest assured that he has found the best lawyer to represent him.  And since this lawyer's ad says nothing about fees, he must be representing Ken for free!

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