Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unintended Consequences of Open Carry

After the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook, a surburban New York newspaper published the names and addresses of gun permit owners in two suburban counties.  Backlash from gun owners was quick and vicious. Concerns were raised that the gun owners could now be easily targeted for break -ins by those seeking to acquire their valuable weapons.  As it turns out, pro-gun laws actually make gun owners more of a target than had been anticipated. According to a report from KOIN in Oregon, an Oregon man who had just purchased a .22 pistol was proudly displaying it in his waistband, exercising his open carry right, when a young man came by admiring the owner's new gun.  The young man then pulled out his own gun and demanded the pistol from the new owner, who promptly replied.

I guess having the legal right to advertise that you are carrying around an easily accessed expensive piece of weaponry can have unintended consequences.

Apparently, this has happened before:

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