Thursday, November 3, 2016

Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

I recently came across an article at Think Progress describing an employment discrimination case pending before the Seventh Circuit . Click here for: The Most Important Gay Rights Case Since Marriage Equality Was Won. I found it to be a very readable description of the state of the law on employment discrimination based on sexual orientation that our students may be able to digest.

I find students to be quite interested in this topic.  When I do an exercise asking them to write a modern Bill of Rights, protection against discrimination in all forms based on sexual orientation or gender identity usually appear in their list of most cherished liberties. But getting into the details of the law in this area often involves peeling back more layers of the onion than would be prudent or understandable in a basic legal Environment course.  This article linked above can help.

A brief summary of the Hively case:

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