Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook Photos = Imminent Incarceration

This blog has previously featured the use of facebook photos to support employee termination. Now, the granddaughter of a Saudi millionaire faces more severe consequences for her ill-advised facebook postings.

The Connecticut Supreme Court recently heard the appeal of Alia Altajir.  According to the Hartford Advocate,  a 19-year-old Altajir drove drunk and killed her best friend in 2004. Her plea bargain resulted in a sentence of five years suspended after one year served and 5 years probation. She later violated her probation.  Prosecutors used her facebook photos as evidence, referring to them as an "altar of alcohol, lewdness and debauchery." Noting a lack of remorse, the Superior Court judge sentenced Altajir to three years in jail. On appeal, defense counsel argued that the photos were undated and, therefore, should not have been admissible. Read the full article here.  Read the Appellate Court decision here.

A tip of the hat to Mark Spurling, my UConn colleague, for sharing this article.

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Connecticut Supreme Court Case Hinges on Facebook Photos
Alia Altajir

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