Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Laughing Matter

The LSCB previously commented on the trials of comic Vince August, a/k/a South Hackensack, New Jersey municipal judge, Vince Sicari. Previously ordered by the State Ethics Board to give up one of the jobs, Vince appealed to the state Supreme Court.  The court ruled unanimously against him.

Yahoo news reports:

"In the course of his routines, Sicari has demeaned certain people based on national origin and religion and has revealed his political leanings," according to the court's opinion. "The court cannot ignore the distinct possibility that a person who has heard a routine founded on humor disparaging certain ethnic groups and religions will not be able to readily accept that the judge before whom he or she appears can maintain the objectivity and impartiality that must govern all municipal court proceedings."

...and that is no laughing matter.

According to the New York Times, Sicari has resigned the judgeship, leaving behind his $13,000 annual income.

"Now appearing, Vince August."
"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.  I'll be here all week."

source of image: http://cliffviewpilot.com/south-hackensack-judge-takes-the-standup-with-the-supremes/ 

Oyay! Oyay! Oyay! Now presiding, the Honorable Judge Vincent Sicari:

source of image: http://comedybeat.com/jan2020_articles/njlj_judge_sicari_barred_from_stage_10-18-2010.html

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