Monday, September 30, 2013

Selected Poems on the Law of Contracts

The Library at Indiana University Maurer School of Law makes available for us a 1991 NYU Law Review article written by Indiana Law professorDouglass Boshkoff entitled "Selected Poems on the Law of Contracts."   The poems, actually limericks, were discovered as part of a library inventory.The author is anonymous. But even so, short as they are, they help breathe life into otherwise dull casebook analysis.  Click the link above to read them all. Here is an example:

Sherwood v. Walker
We've all heard the story of Rose
Whose failure to bear was a pose.
"For the stew pot, I'm not,"
Said Rose, like a shot.
And the court held the deal couldn't close.

Recently this blog featured material on Wood v. Lucy Lady Duff Gordon. Here is another nugget:

Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon
For dresses, no other was finer
Than Duff-Gordon, the lady's designer.
But Cardozo was short
With her counsel in court,
Thinking D-G was merely a whiner.

If you would like to read the follow-up article "More Poems on the Law of Contracts" published in the Northwestern Law Review, you will have to order a copy from Lexis Nexis.

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