Monday, September 23, 2013

The Role of Social Media in Law Enforcement

Former new England Patriot NFL player, Brian Holloway, was shocked when his college aged son told him that 300-400 high school and college aged kids were having a Labor Day weekend party in Holloway's country home in the Hudson valley, and tweeting pictures of the festivities.  Holloway got on-line and saw a picture of a drinking youth standing on top of the dining room table that he bought with his Super Bowl bonus.  Significant damage was done to the house that Holloway has owned since 1981. Police are investigating and the pictures posted on twitter and over 170 other tweets have already helped identify over 200 of the estimated 300+ partygoers.

Holloway, a motivational speaker, is trying to turn the event into a teachable moment.  He has created a website for identifying participants but also to invite them to get involved in community service - starting with coming over to clean up his house.

Holloway suggests:
 Suppose these students came together and created a voice of accountability and reconciliation that spread across the county with all the power and speed of social media?    It’s happened before?    That would definitely save lives.

Featured prominently among tweeted pictures of youths at the party is a girl wearing a UConn sweatshirt. Ouch!

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