Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ethics - ". . . But it's Legal!"

In the video below, youth football players (they look to be about 9-10 years old) have been coached in how to win by playing within the technical confines of the rules, but outside of fairplay.  In case you can't hear the audio at the start, the quarterbck on the green team calls to the coach from the field of play, "Coach, its the wrong ball." (In football, different balls are used for kicking and for regular play). The coach answers, "Then bring it over here." I usually pause the video at precisely :26 where two coaches from the green team are giving each other a "high five." Then I ask the class what gestures they think the coaches and fans on the other sideline might be exhibiting.

The scary thing is that if you look on youtube, you will find several  videos of the crafty "wrong ball" play executed in various youth football games.

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