Monday, January 3, 2011

Law Lessong: The Ballad of Susette Kelo

This  video and song from a Power Point presentation can help students ponder the making and results of the US Supreme Court's decision in  the Kelo v. New London eminent domain case. I would also like to recommend Jeff Benedict's book, Little Pink House.  The book is a little light on the legal principles and procedures of the case, but is a a compelling chronicle of the way the law is used (manipulated?) to affect real people in tangible and profound ways.

Learn more about Law Lessongs from the post found here. See all law lessongs posted to date. More audio files are found at the Law Lessongs Website. More videos may be found at my youtube channel. Please feel free to use them in the classroom or as assignments or in any way that they work for you as an educational resource.

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