Thursday, October 24, 2013

Artists' Works Copied by Big Business?

A number of artists are claiming that Cody, Foster and Co., a big wholesaler of ornaments and decorations, are ripping off their work. The report from Yahoo Shine seems to present pretty compelling evidence.  As does a flickr site compiled by an anonymous whistleblower. Read artist Lisa Congdon's blog post, "My Art Was Stolen For Profit and How You Can Help," about her trials and tribulations over this issue.  Read more, here.

I am speculating that the prospect of protracted litigation against a major, well financed corporation is daunting to a small independent artist. This is one of those situations where the law ignores the disparity of access to resources and presumes everyone has equal ability to enforce his or her rights. We should get our legal heads out of the sand and devise a system that can actually protect and encourage creativity. Otherwise, bullies always win.

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